The Fifa 16 World, Coins, Points and more

Social media is buzzing very high with the release of new Fifa 16 by EA Sports. People are just going crazy over the new addition to game however some cash it by spreading some rumor. This September you are going to watch two exciting events, first the launch of the new iPhone and another is launch of new Fifa version. Well there are lot of crazy fans for both the games its hard to decide which one is better. Fifa 16 have got a huge Fan base mostly younger people, storming their XBox or PSN with new games and often getting disappointed, well EA Sports got you covered.

The newer version of Fifa aka Fifa 15 coins hack will have higher level of competition so that if you are bored scoring goals over PC with Messi or Ronaldo you better be serious now. The new goalie may be waiting to disappoint you. Tackling people wont give you red card and you can expect a cleaner ball control without getting screwed up by referee. The game play is improved so that now you can defend it better, with just a click your strategy will change to defense and it wont be easy for other to score, comes handy when you are ahead in game and dont want to lose in last minutes. The list of improvement just goes on and on and on (not this long to be honest) but its a great game.

Now Fifa has something which you all may hate, yeah you got it right starting a new career. Its painfully slow to collect coins and build a better team. So whats the alternate? Just goto google search for a coin seller and bingo you are good to go. Buy some coins in bulk, build a better team and now you are ready to earn more with this team and can reach the ultimate team very soon. Thats all I have got for today, hope you liked my writing, please do contact me at for any feedback or improvement. You can also tell me what you want me to write on, I will get back to you if everything is fine.